A Landscape Lesson

I was interested to find myself using a different approach to my seeing yesterday.

To get to this part of the falls (the highest single drop falls in Victoria mind you) by the not-scrabbling-down-a-very-steep-path way, one has to hop over a fence and wander down a narrow path that twists and turns and comes out further down the Coliban River.

One can then wend one’s way back towards the falls. This of course opens up various interesting viewpoints en route, so I’d often stop, set up the tripod and check how it looked.

Now I think because I was using the waist-level finder on the trusty Hasselblad, and it was kind of sunny and the finder often hard to see because the tripod had it at a height that was pretty awkward, I found myself only getting a partial idea of what was there.

However, I think this worked really well in that it enabled me to see the picture more as a sum of parts rather than as a subject. So I began looking at light and dark areas and the form of the image rather than, or at least much more so than, the content. 

I like the result here. There are a number of other photos that I am really pleased with from the excursion too - a bit later I exchanged the 60mm wide-angle lens used here for the 150mm telephoto and started taking very selective area shots that also worked well in that regard. I also experimented with rating the FP4+ film I had loaded at ISO64 rather than its usual 125, and processed it accordingly last night. This worked too.

So, all in all, I had a really enjoyable day and I think I learned a few new tricks to boot. Not a bad April Fool’s Day then!