A new lens

OK indulge me here for a second (I know you will). I just got a new lens on Thursday - a 50mm Collapsible Elmar f2.8 from 1965. It is just beautiful. Really beautiful.

My rationale is to have a lens so that I can keep a Leica in my pocket or in my man-bag all the time. Being collapsible, it kind of compresses down to virtually nothing. Then, when you want to use it, a simple twist and pull and twist to lock - et voila! - you are ready to snap away. It is a heavy little bugger, being chrome-plated brass, but just glorious. I don’t think it’s seen much action in its 47 year existence.

I should take a digital photo of it to show you.

I think it will be particularly useful when I go to uni this year. Oh, I didn’t mention that? I’ll have to spill the beans on that little breaking story in a future post. But, for now, suffice to say my new lens Elmo is occupying pride of place on Tyrone, and making beautiful Tri-X pictures.