A Place For Us

…being the title of the exhibition that, along with two friends, I have been working on over the past eight months. It will be on show at the Footscray Community Arts Centre opening Thursday May 31 at 1pm. I’ll see if I’m savvy enough to put up a flier or a link to the website.

It has been an incredible experience and I have really enjoyed it. The people we have been photographing have been housed by an organization called Wintringham which provides housing to people who might otherwise end up homeless, and often these are ‘at risk’ or vulnerable people.

We three photographers, Morganna, Alan and I, were each found people to photograph by Catherine, the fourth member of illustrious team, who works with Wintringham devising activities for the residents. My subjects were Rudi, Betty, Kevin and Dennis, all of whom I am proud to say are now friends.

I feel so privileged to have been part of such a stimulating and interesting project, and only hope that the exhibition (which is currently being printed by James) does the people involved justice.

I must say when I read the below quote in The Shock of the New, which I finished today, it really did strike a chord with me that, by repeating the same action (of photographing) with the same subject over a period of time, I found one really does start to see something altogether different emerge. 

If you are going to be around in Melbourne between May 31 and June 24, please try and get along there and check it out.

And don’t forget to tell the world what you think of it!