Ashleigh's Moran Prize portrait

Well, Ashleigh will be in Sydney tonight and getting ready for the Moran Prize judging on Tuesday. Her portrait of big wave surfer Marti Paradisis (click on the link in the heading to check it out) having just emerged from the surf still dripping is truly outstanding, and as close to true Australian iconography as perhaps Dupain’s “Sunbather” of 1937 has been for all these years.

Fingers, toes and everything else(!) crossed Ashie - but I don’t think it will take luck. Your portrait, as has already been recognized by the Moran judges in selecting it as a finalist, ranks alongside the best photographs taken in at least the past year or so, certainly in this country and I think well beyond our fair shores as well.

I think Tuesday is going to be a day you’ll always remember with immense pride, no matter how stellar your career develops.