coming down at fcac

Today the pins came out of the photographs and the photographs came down from the walls and the walls of the Footscray Community Art Centre reverted to white in readiness for their next exhibition.

It was a bit sad but also a moment I felt I could reflect on a project that started with just a great idea (not mine, sadly!) and some wonderful people and ended up being something altogether greater than the sum of its parts.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Morganna over a coffee in Yarraville afterwards. The thing that struck both of us, and I’m sure Alan too, was how much it seemed to matter to so many people when, after all, we were just doing something that we love to do and which, given the incredible access we had, was made incredibly easy for us.

Life should be like that. Is it too easy that we lose sight of the fact that simply being good and doing what you love leads to happiness, or are we just conditioned to not think that way?

And, Morganna, thanks again so much for including me on this project. I think I’ll look long and hard to find another that is remotely as rewarding.