Actually, looking again at the picture below that I posted yesterday reminds me of something that has bothered me since it transpired. I’d like you to consider something for me.

Last year I had this shot in my portfolio when I went up to Ballarat for the International  Foto Biennale or whatever it’s called. They were offering portfolio reviews by so-called industry heavyweights and I thought I’d take my “book” and see what was happening. Anyway, one of the reviewers, I forget which one, noted that this would be a really strong picture except for the distracting arm leading out of the picture on the right. 

Now this got me stumped, as to me, that tension and mystery, that sense there is more story going on outside the frame, makes the photograph. Even graphically, it adds another diagonal with the shadow line, with the steps behind and those black square shapes. Without it, it is… well, it’s not nearly as interesting.

I was using my .58 viewfinder rangefinder and a 28mm lens so I know I could see a bit of what was happening outside the picture area due to the placement of the framelines. I therefore presume that I knew exactly what I was doing when I framed it as I did (as I said yesterday, I can’t remember actually taking the picture, which is not all that unusual), and shot.

Who is right? My reviewer or me?

There is a prize* for anyone coming up with the correct answer.

* there isn’t really.