Impulse / Instinct

Thinking about the quote below by Sam Abell. As someone who, like Sam, has photographed for many years, I think there sometimes exists an instinctive ability to recognize that things are lining up to a logical end, and sometimes this pre-alerts one that a photographic opportunity might be developing. Sadly, this doesn’t happen anything like all the time - in fact quite rarely. But when it does, often the resulting shot is in balance as things happened as one’s wits had forecast. Other times, though, one takes the shot basically impulsively, and the raison d'etre only becomes apparent when one looks at the negative or proof later.

Unlike Sam, I’m not sure whether one or the other provides me with my best work.

Let’s take a little test. The two photographs above are examples of either type of shooting scenario. See if you can tell which one was following a logical flow of events, ending with my pressing the shutter to capture that climax, and which photo was taken impulsively without me really understanding why I was taking it, with the rationale being revealed only on later inspection.

No clues, no prizes, no answers. Good luck.