It's up, it's running, and it's hot.

Yes, the long-anticipated and awaited gallery opening of A Place For Us has happened.

Last Thursday saw the culmination of eight months of fun, games, frivolity and photography as the exhibition was unveiled in the Roslyn Smorgon Gallery at the Footscray Community Art Centre.

It was an extraordinarily rewarding day for Alan, Morganna and me as we were able to see the faces of the people we’d photographed turn from expressions of sheer trepidation and dread to beaming smiles and, in some cases, even tears.

I’d estimate that as many as eighty to one hundred people joined in the fun, and everyone seemed to think it was pretty good, and even the speeches were tolerated in good humour! James’ printing drew a lot of favourable comments and hopefully that will lead to some flow-on work for Bayside fine Prints!

Actually, the speeches were an essential part of the overall visceral experience. Bryan, the founder and CEO of Wintringham, related some of the history of the organization, from its roots with just him and a few people whom he was able to provide housing for, to now with 1,400 people under a warm, safe roof every night and 500 staff to look after them and care - not just for them, but about them.

Catherine, our wonderful friend, then gave a very heartfelt and emotional eulogy to Pat, who died, warm and cared for and tucked up in bed, in the last couple of weeks of the project. It was the chemistry between Pat and Catherine and Morganna that first ignited the spark that became A Place for Us.

So, if you’re in or around Melbourne anytime before June 24, why not try to get on down to Footscray and check it out? And, if you do, please check in here and let us know your thoughts.