Rock & Roll

Scanning old slides really does cause one to look into the vaults of time. And sometimes you are reminded how much certain things meant at the time. Of course music is one of those things that always stays with you, and looking at these pictures now, I can still hear the concert at the Myer Music Bowl (Easter ‘79 if I recall correctly).

A funny (true) story about the Dave Warner pic. I don’t remember how I got on stage to take a lot of the pictures but I recall DWFtS playing a fine set, with Dave giving full voice to “Mugs Game”, “Old Stock Road” and innumerable other songs with lyrical content that was considered “inappropriate” back in those innocent days. Anyway, a cop approached me as I was coming from the direction of the stage and demanded if I knew where the “foul mouthed prick” who’d just been singing had gone. I of course told him that I’d seen he and his band exiting into cars out the back, so the policeman got pretty upset and went to find someone else to arrest. Luckily he exited away from the stage area, where the band were, just out of sight.

So Dave, you owe me!

As an aside, Dave finally did get caught up with, and faced his day in court, and I remember afterwards lots of people wearing t-shirts with the logo “Warner Is Innocent - I Swear!”. Wish I still had mine.