I looked out the window first thing this morning and there was a really cool interplay of light on some tools leaning on the back fence.

Does that sort of thing ever strike you - the casual realization of something quite remarkable happening out of an altogether unremarkable aggregation of ingredients?

It is not always something that you want to photograph, although I did so today because I want to see how the vision will translate to being a photograph. Sometimes it’s enough just to see it. I’ll never forget an evening driving down a road towards the Dalmatian coast in (what was then) Yugoslavia and watching the light of the setting sun interplay with the landscape and over the torsos and faces of people working in the fields. I made a conscious decision then not to stop and take photographs because the magic seemed to be in the actual visceral experiencing of it.

Today was one of those days in Melbourne where it was sunny in patches, then clouds would loom up and the light would change all the time. It was generally pretty interesting with a darkening sky and then late showers and the most amazing colour sky at sunset. Days like this are the days that, I think, replenish your visual acuity and give you reason to be excited by visual possibility.

It also occurred to me today that there is little point in trying to be a visual person if one fails to be excited by the sort of possibilities that atmospherics offer.