well, what happens now? - the next (colourful) step...

What do you think? I’ve been doing a lot of work in the realm of black and white for eighteen months or so, dating from England (well, mainly monochrome there) through Oaxaca, then the book and the Wintringham project (yes, yes, patience, patience - more about that soon).

So, by way of change, I’m veering a little towards doing some photographs in colour. In a way, a “colour for colour’s sake” body of work, although naturally there’d be more to it than that.

Oh, and coincidently, I did a bit of a film audit the other day and discovered that I have a fair stock of unexposed colour film lying around that is coming close to (or - shudder! - has reached) its expiry date.

I also thought it might be fun to use the “forgotten” SLRs that I tend to overlook too - the Canon A1 and AE1 Program, and even the Nikons which had kind of been retired a bit (the F90X or F801/F801s bodies would be especially useful for using the wonderful 180mm lens and the as-yet-still-unexplored 60mm macro lens). And of course the Hasselblad because some of the film that is nearing expiration (not to mention obsolescence!) is a few rolls of 120 Kodak E100VS.

Sound like a definite possibility, then? I’ll soon post some thoughts on how I see the project panning out.